Company Profile

Hangzhou Zhijiang Sprocket company located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Of China, the best sprocket factory in Hangzhou. We are making Chain, sprockets, bushing, flange, shaft and other transmission parts. 90% of our products export to North America, Europe,Japan,south America and some other district.With 20 years experience on making transmission parts, we have become some world famous agri and construction companies' long term partener.Zhijiang factory keeping working in response and act fast, better understanding customers' requirment, good communication, continue offer reliable quality products, and perfect delivery time and package. Zhijiang sprocket factory is your choice.杭州之江链轮有限公司主要生产链轮、链条、齿轮、传动轴、法兰等传动件,致力于为客户提供质量可靠、安全耐用的传动件产品,以及传动设备整体解决方案。公司现有员工100余人,年产值3000万人民币,90%的产品出口到美国、加拿大、日本、巴西、欧洲等国家,与世界上众多知名传动设备、农业机械、工程机械制造公司有很好的合作伙伴关系。在国内外客户的支持与帮助下,工厂不断改善生产工艺、提高产品质量,力求为更多的客户提供更好的产品与服务。