Zhejiang Sprocket Welding Process

Zhejiang Sprocket Welding Process


Zhijiang Sprockets Welding Processing Induction

Zhijiang Sprockets Welding Processing Induction
Welding process is a very important processing for manufacture sprockets, especially for making very large or complicated sprockets, some parts cannot be forged, have to be made by welding process.

Most of the sprockets factory welding sprockets and hub in traditional ways--by labour, but traditional welding processing have lots of disadvantages .

1. Depend on operators' experience and skill;
2. Released chemicals harmful to workers;
3. Faulty Welding easily caused.

For resolve welding problems caused by traditional welding process, Zhijiang factory engineering team made Automatic Sprockets Welding Machines 1.0.

New special equipment for sprockets welding greatly improve welding processing

No harmful chemical hurt workers;

Better welding quality, X Ray inspection results is very good, no faulty welding.

Clean and efficiency.